Whether you're the bride, groom, host/hostess or event planner, planning a wedding or event can be a joyful, but also overwhelming process. Of the many aspects to consider, tabletop design is often high on the priority list.  It can also be a large financial investment, and daunting to pull together. 


That's where More + Merrier can support you.  We can pull together a custom tabletop design, including table runners, vases, candle holders and other decorative items along with a set-up guide to make the design and execution a breeze.  With a minimum budget of $350, you can make your Pinterest dreams a reality.  We can work with anyone involved in your special day, including event coordinators and florists, to insure flawless execution.  Please allow at least 6-8 weeks ahead of your event to place your order for the best selection.

Why choose More + Merrier for your tabletop design needs?

Simplicity /  After a phone or email consultation, we pull together a design or designs that capture your vision/budget and present it to you.  The presentation will include photos of all suggested elements and inspiration photos.  Once approved, we'll put together a style guide with your exact tabletop requirements photographed and ready to be set up by anyone in your wedding entourage.

Cost /  We love a gorgeous floral arrangement, but those costs adds up!  By utilizing beautiful unique vases, candle holders, table runners and other decorative items, there is less of a need for larger arrangements.  That said, we can absolutely work with your floral designer to deliver a spectacular tabletop design that highlights their fresh florals and our gorgeous elements.

Style / Vintage Romantic.  MoHo.  Mid-Century Color Explosion!  With a background in fashion and interior design, we look ahead to the freshest trends of the year, balancing the season and location for a style that is uniquely yours.



Delivery / We currently offer delivery to local Seattle and surrounding area events (Delivery cost: $75), or local pick up (Free) on Mercer Island, WA.  We can also put together a custom shipping quote for events outside of the Seattle area.

Service / Our designs can be executed by anyone in your entourage, that said we do offer a set up/styling service for an extra fee.  Cost will depend on location and size/scope of the event.  

Payment / After our initial consultation, we will send you a detailed proposal including cost of décor, delivery or pick up information and cost of extra styling services, if needed.  We will fit your budget, and will be upfront about the level of décor you can expect within that budget.  At the time of the proposal, we will ask for a 50% deposit.  You may pay by check or credit card.

Design Process / We will pull together several possible designs, with photos of each element, along with any personal elements you would like to include.  We will present you with the design options for approval, and once approved, will move forward with purchasing.

Custom Tabletop Design for Weddings +Special  Events

Let's get this party started.
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