The Genevieve Collection

The Genevieve collection is inspired by my gorgeous friend who looks like a goddess and has a calm solidity no matter how choppy the waters.  She’ll throw back wine at a dive bar on a Tuesday night at a moment’s notice, rock athleisure like she invented the genre, and fight like a lioness for her family.  This collection’s mix of soft colors, casual textures and a hint of shimmer are begging for the ultimate spring bridal or baby shower.  It’s also the perfect assortment for that first night out on the deck with your favorite couples.  Make sure you have several bottles of your favorite white on hand, light a spectacular floral scented candle to draw your guests in and get ready for a beautiful party that will refuel your soul. 

*The sales from one collection’s base kit each season will be designated to donate 10% of its profits.  This season the Genevieve collection is the chosen collection.  The charity is Seattle Children’s Hospital Cancer department.  Find out more HERE

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