GENEVIEVE DECOR KIT : Bride-to-be, Baby or Birthday

Nothing says spring like a birthday dinner on the deck, which is exactly where I found myself with Genevieve celebrating, and hosting, her birthday.  Genevieve is a relatively new friend, but someone I instantly knew was a kindred spirit (Anne of Green Gables anyone?).  I couldn’t resist hosting a get together with a great group of local female friends to usher in spring and celebrate this fabulous woman.  As it turns out, I happened to add one of her favorite flavors to the birthday dessert (pistachio!), purely by coincidence. 


I have since found that lavender is one of her favorite scents, which just so happens to be one of the central colors in her collection.  As we get older, whether you’re 25 or 75, it is such a blessing to make new friends and discover and celebrate the things they enjoy. So, here’s to your own memory-in-the-making celebration- whether it’s a milestone birthday for 50, a bridal shower for your God daughter or a baby shower for your bestie.  The Genevieve decor kit is designed to make your event pop, and your photos remind you of one heck of a day…or night. 


Pro Tip: We suggest focusing on one area with one (or more) kits for maximum impact.  As a backdrop to the buffet, at the entrance, or over the dessert table, to name a few.

GENEVIEVE DECOR KIT : Bride-to-be, Baby or Birthday

$8.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
  • 1 6” grey honeycomb ball

    1 8” grey honeycomb ball

    1 6” white honeycomb ball

    2 8” gold paper lanterns

    1 6” lavender pom pom

    1 8” lavender pom pom

    1 “Happy Birthday” “Bride To Be” or “Oh Baby” banner

    1 “Happy Birthday” “Love” or “Oh Baby” wood cake topper


    Banner Dimensions: "Happy Birthday"- 78”W x 8”H, "Bride to Be"- 25”W x 6”H "Oh Baby" - 26"W x 6"H

    Banner Material: cardstock with gold glitter or metallic embossing


    Cake Topper Dimensions: "Love"- 5” H x 6”W  "Oh Baby"- 7”H x 5”W "Happy Birthday"- 6.5” H x 6”W 

    Cake Topper Material: wood

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