ANNIE DECOR KIT : Bride-to-be, Baby or Birthday

After 30+ years of friendship stemming from early childhood, I have experienced countless celebrations with Annie.  From childhood tea party birthdays with our dolls to baby showers for our childhood friends.  One of the most memorable moments we celebrated is hands down my wedding in Vermont.  Of course, the day was memorable in and of itself- what wedding isn’t- but there was a particular moment that I hold close years later.  Wedding speeches are par for the course, and they range from hilarious to cringeworthy.  This speech was different.  If you ask me what Annie said that night, I wouldn’t have the foggiest, but it radiated so much love. 


Over many years packed with so many small and large moments and milestones, we had built this incredible foundation that with every quake and rebuild became stronger and more vital.  So rather than merely hearing the speech, I felt it in every fiber of my being.  This is why we celebrate-not just for some great apps and a fancy cocktail, although those are pretty amazing too- but for the moments of connection that can’t be described in words, only felt.


So, here’s to your own memory-in-the-making celebration- whether it’s a milestone birthday for 50, a bridal shower for your God daughter or a baby shower for your bestie.  The Annie Decor kit is designed to make your event pop, and your photos remind you of one heck of a day…or night. 


Pro Tip: We suggest focusing on one area with one (or more) kits for maximum impact.  As a backdrop to the buffet, at the entrance, or over the dessert table, to name a few.

ANNIE DECOR KIT : Bride-to-be, Baby or Birthday

$8.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
  • 1 6” white honeycomb ball

    2 6” dark green honeycomb ball

    1 10” dark green honeycomb ball

    2 8” gold paper lanterns

    1 8” white pom pom

    1 10” gold pom pom

    1 “Happy Birthday” “Hello Baby” or “Bride to Be” banner

    1 “Happy Birthday” “Oh Baby” or “Love” cake topper


    Banner dimensions: “Happy Birthday”- 41"W x 4"H “Hello Baby”- 28"W x 4"H  “Bride to Be”- 25"W x 6"H

    Banner Material: "Happy Birthday" and "Hello Baby" - black felt.  "Bride to Be" - cardstock


    Cake Topper Dimensions: “Happy Birthday”- 5"W x 6"H “Oh Baby”- 6.5"W x 3.5“H Love”- 6"W x 5"H

    Cake Topper Material: "Happy Birthday" and "Hello Baby" - acyrlic "Love" - wood

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