My First (Single) Mother's Day

I was that girl who knew very early on that I wanted to be a Mother. As soon as a neighbor would let me, I was a Mother’s helper, and every job thereafter centered around kids of all ages. When my son was placed in my arms three hours after my c-section, due to his seven week prematurity, I was overcome. Every idea about how I would feel when he arrived on the outside, was swept away in an indescribable tsunami of love, protectiveness and primal knowledge. When my daughter arrived two years and three months later, I turned, with tears in my eyes to my then husband and said “I can’t believe we did it again”.

“Then husband”. Those are the words along with “my kids’ Dad”, that I am getting used to injecting into everyday conversation. My childhood thoughts around Motherhood didn’t touch very often on a husband, not because I didn’t want one, but because it was just a given. This year is my first as a single Mom. A title I didn’t expect to have when I walked down the aisle and gave birth to two incredible human beings. My title has a qualifier now, which to the external world brings plenty of stereotypes to mind, but to my kids, I am just Mommy/Mama. Period.

As I launch into this next chapter of Motherhood, fully supported by a wonderful co-parent and extended family and friends, I am confident that all the dreams I had around Motherhood, all the unconditional love and the baking and the cuddles, will continue to unfurl in the weeks, months and years ahead. I know these dreams will come true because I have the best role model in the world for it-my own Mom. So on this very strange Mother’s Day, for global and personal reasons, I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day.

To my own Mother, and the wonderful Mothers in my life, I say thank you for blazing the trail before me and standing beside me on this journey. You are my village, and none of this is possible without you.

With love,


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