Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020 : by love language

Mothers and Grandmothers are earning their day this year, so let’s celebrate the hell out of them. As I roll into my first single Mother’s Day, I have so many emotions, but mostly I’m just grateful for my awesome dynamic duo. These past few months have been super challenging, and I know every Mother is dealing with a different set of obstacles on her parenting journey.

If you’re a Grandmother, you’re worrying about your kids’ health, their financial situation and often you’re stepping in as a surrogate teacher or braving this virus to continue to, or take on, care for your grandchildren. So many Mothers are watching their hours cut or losing their jobs completely, and trying their best to keep it all together while home schooling and parenting. Others are attempting the ultimate multi-task – childcare/homeschool and work from home along with all the other home duties. There are countless among us who are putting themselves in harm’s way daily and working through the emotional pain that comes with potentially exposing their kids and family to this virus. There are the stay-at-home Moms who feel exponential guilt, pressure and intense loneliness as all their relied on social supports are stripped away. And there are those Mothers who are bravely bringing their children into an uncertain world, often without their birth partners to see them through an intensely frightening but also magnificent moment in their lives.

There are so many challenges that Mothers face right now, but what I hope for every Mother this Mother’s Day is the realization that we are so important in our children’s lives whether they’re three or thirty. We are loving and guiding them in all our imperfectness, and we are doing amazingly well under the circumstances. So let’s treat them using the Five Love Languages as a guide. While I realize this is designed for romantic partners, it absolutely can translate to the other relationships in your life, including your Mom. So find your Mom on this list and make her day extra special!

Words of Affirmation

What better than words to make her day? If your Mama is the type that needs to hear it, then put it in writing and make her smile. You might try a handwritten note, a beautiful poem all about her or this fantastic framed typography that says it all.

Acts of Service

This style of gift is a little tough to give right now with most service providers forced to shut down, but food is pretty essential and available, so go that route. Even if your Mother is Alice Waters in the kitchen, or actually Alice Waters, she’d likely enjoy a night off from having to cook for herself/her partner/her family, so grab a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or grab something more universal, like a Postmates gift certificate. It’s the next best thing to cooking for her yourself, although if you happen to be quarantining together or can drop off a meal, go ahead and bake up a classic Ina Garten recipe like Beatty’s Chocolate Cake with a side of Penne alla Vodka.

Receiving gifts

Well this is a pretty convenient category as a gift can be pretty much anything, so here are a few of my favorites that I love for the Mothers in my life.

Jewelry is such a personal expression, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love my friend Amanda’s pieces. One of my favs is this delicate Pave Diamond Leaf Ring from her company Keidan Jewlery, which would look gorgeous stacked or solo. She also does custom pieces, though you may need to think ahead to the holidays for that.

Since cozy is the name of the game these days, might I suggest these insanely cute tie dye joggers? I think she could safely pan down on a zoom conference call and be applauded for her efforts.

Or maybe you’ve got a Mother like mine who always sets the table with cloth napkins no matter if she’s rolling solo, or hosting a dinner party (Remember those?!). Our More + Merrier Gretchen Stripe Linen Napkins are practical enough for everyday quarantine use, but will be ready to shine once we get back to semi familiar social settings.

Quality time

Like acts of service, this is also a tough one…tough, but not impossible. If you and your Mom share a favorite flick, then why not jump on Netflix party together? This service allows you to play the same movie in two different locations at the exact same time. Hop on the phone to listen to each other repeat your favorite lines and laugh and cry together.

If you’re lucky enough to live nearby your Mom, consider a driveway chat. Bring your own chair, a bottle of wine (and one for her) and some delicious takeout and chat the day away. To ensure you’ll be having driveway drinking dates for as long as this lasts, gift her with a wine subscription from Winc to have the perfect curated selection delivered right to her door.

Physical touch

I was talking to my Mom about this guide, and I mentioned that my love language is physical touch (with a side of words of affirmation), which I definitely inherited from her. When I think about hugging her at some point in the future, I want to cry I miss her hugs so much. While I, and many of us, won’t be able to hug our Moms this Mother’s Day, we can at least extend the gift of touch. I love the idea of gifting a soft summer blanket like this one from The Citizenry that she can wrap herself up in on breezy spring/summer evenings.

So what’s your Mom’s love language? And what’s yours?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic Moms out there!

With love,


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