How to entertain when you have small children and still enjoy the party.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Watch my video on IGTV (Instagram handle- @moreandmerrierparties) for five tips on entertaining with kids, and use the following as your Cliff's Notes.

1. Prep when they're asleep and get things done early. Shower, do your hair and/or makeup early in the day, so you're not in a rush/stressed right before guests arrive.

2. Put your efforts into one part of the meal. If you're a fabulous baker- rock that perfect brownie recipe or beautifully decorated cake. Then grab yourself a roast chicken, some simple sides and call it good.

3. Say yes. When friends offer to bring something, even if it's not officially a potluck, just say yes. It's one less thing on your list, and they'll be happy to contribute.

4. Have a separate kid's table. Make everyone's evening a little more enjoyable with a kid's table that is within earshot/eyeshot but still separate. They'll feel special, and you'll get to focus on adult conversations.

5. Offer an activity at the table. Don't overthink it, and keep it mess free. I suggest putting a non-breakable container in the center of the table and filling it with colorful pom poms/poof balls. A novel activity will buy you at least 10 more minutes of uninterrupted conversation.

Most importantly, just commit to entertaining. Don't let the fear of entertaining with small children stop you from connecting with friends. Nike says it best - "Just do it"

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