The famous Key Lime Martini that no guest can say no to.

The specialty cocktail has been an automatic at weddings for years. I had a variety of mojito options at my own wedding, and it wasn't a question of if the guests were drinking them, but how many. It makes sense - I mean, "special" is in the phrase, so of course there's a magnetic draw. Wine, beer and your go to cocktail are always available, but how often do you get treated to something truly unique and fun? We pour our heart, soul and life savings into weddings, but what about your Friday night dinner party with friends or a bachelorette party with your best girls? We all deserve to feel special, and even though I can get on board with a #champagnecampaign any day of the week, there's just something about a specialty cocktail that tells your guests (and yourself) you think they're pretty great, and they're about to have

an amazing night.

I have discovered and enjoyed many a specialty cocktail over the years, but the key lime martini remains a favorite. I was introduced to this perfect beverage by a college boyfriend, and although he had many lovely qualities, this martini was his legacy. Hitting all the tropical flavors, but without being too creamy, this is the cocktail to enjoy anytime you need to shake things up a bit. Without further ado, I introduce to you More + Merrier's Famous Key Lime Martini.


2 oz Vanilla Vodka (Smirnoff Vanilla does the trick, but go nuts with whatever you've got on hand)

1/2 oz Rose's Key Lime Juice (don't mess around here, stay on brand)

2 oz Pineapple juice (that stuff in the giant can takes care of business, but go organic if you're feeling fancy)


crushed graham crackers (these are mostly decorative, but I'm partial to Annie's Organic Honey Graham Crackers)


- Dip your martini glass rim in water, then in a plate of crushed graham crackers.

- Pour all other ingredients, including ice, in a shaker and shake baby shake!

- Pour into martini glass and garnish with a lime slice or lime shaving

- Consider multiplying this recipe by about 100 and mixing it all up in a pitcher. Your guests will thank you.

While I am fully aware that it is the middle of winter, it's summer somewhere (hey Australia!), so don't be afraid of mixing up a batch of these right now and dreaming of balmier days to come.

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